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Ceo Talk

jirapol Choochat

CEO & Founder

The customers have never wanted to know how we run our company, how splendid the policy is, or how high the operating result is. The reputation and the image are not the reason why the customers pick our product. What often convinces our clientele is not only the premium quality of our products and our attempt to keep their benefit first and foremost in mind at all times, both of which are at the heart of what Neolube strives for, but also the fact that we consistently uphold and follow the king's dictum that “perseverance and faithfulness are the key factors that will lead to success, as well as paying thoughtful attention to the public and ways in which we can work toward benefiting the society."


Neo great co. ltd
Manufacturer and Distributor 
Neolube Lubricant

           Throughout 15 years of experience, industrial lubricant manufacturer and distributor. Neolube has

received acknowledgement from up to 800 industrial entrepreneurs within Thai industrial scene through high standard product form our experts team, innovative process and ISO 9001:2015, KPI, KAIZEN, 5S, Lean, ERP

            Professional and Innovative skill in lubricant that were improving through user statistics researching provides customers the best product, increasing machine capacity and also efficient responding client’s need.
           Through the motto “Constancy improving product and shipping, we always responses client’s needs. Neo great co. ltd are still improving with regard to serves clients the best service while keep the earnestness and faithfulness in mind.

Administration Standard 
ISO 9001:2015
Certificated by
Department of Energy Business, Ministry of Energy





The collaboration between Neogreat Co.,Ltd and EXEDY. Throughout 11 years of our contribution, we continually support the remote educational community in many ways, such as, providing the stationary, book, sports equipment, toys, clothing, at the same time both of repairing, expanding and installing Solar Cell in order to foster the livelihood of children.

 Mae Fa Luang Hilltribe Community Learning Center

 Thasongyang District, Tak 


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